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Tell us about yourself...

First things first, my name is Rudy. I’m from Paris, and was born there, but my roots are from Angola. I love languages - they’re my “thing” - there’s just something about them. I’m currently studying Marketing, Tourism and Events and spend some of my free time playing football.

Would you say fashion plays an important part in your life?

I’ve always been into fashion, or at least interested in it – and I think we all are in some way. We all gain inspiration from somewhere, such as seeing someone in the street wearing something that you really like. I’m inspired by vintage fashion, like what Louis Vuitton used to do back in the day, as well as Hip-Hop and Pop Culture. My main inspirations are pop icons like Michael Jackson and Prince, and I really like how the culture was in the 90s. I wear whatever I feel suits me, but I try to bring my own approach to anything that I wear.





What are some of your favourite brands to wear?

I’m really into denims, so I’d have to say Levi’s. Whether it’s light colours or dark colours, you can always find something to pair with denim. I love Balenciaga too, I love what they’re doing now, especially with the trainers. I like Gucci, I like Balmain, I like Louis Vuitton. Stuff like that. I wouldn’t wear this all the time, but it’s a good experience wearing that kind of aesthetic.

Where would you like Street Fashion to lean towards in the next five years?

I feel like Urban culture and streetwear are really underestimated. Nowadays it’s more about haute couture, like big brands. I want to see more people trying different stuff and engaging with street culture. Wear what you feel like.





Do you have any plans for the future – do you have any plans for the next three years?

I don’t like planning things – I’ve never planned – I’m more spontaneous. I just hope I’ll still be doing okay and that I’ll continue moving forward.




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