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Meet photographer @Kibwemaono

Every image I shoot and edit is most treasured to me.”

This week we caught up with New York photographer Fith also known as "Fifteen", to get the inside scoop on some of his upcoming projects. Here's what he had to say... 


When did you first realise you were interested in photography?

I’d have to say in 2004-2005 I realized I needed dope images captured of people wearing my graphic tees and custom clothing I used to design. I had a simple point and shoot Sony cyber shot, it did the job but at the same time, I noticed how good my eye was even as a beginner in freelancing with photography.

What has been your biggest breakthrough?

Ummm I’ve had a couple honestly one of my first was back in 2011 when I interned for CoCo & Breezy in NYC for one of their early fashion shows. It was such an experience and opportunity because they’re so talented and well put together. Other than that I’d have to say shooting images of artist's from ace hood, 2 Chainz, Jeezy, French Montana & the list goes on.


Tell us about your day to day.

Not everyday day is the same but, usually I wake up, thank god for giving me another day. Check emails to see if I have any bookings, get something to eat then brush my teeth. If I have a shoot I get to it, knock it out once I’m back home I dump my files then get straight to Editing, in the same time I’m also making sure my all my Tasks are done so I can always move forward. In between this time frame I’m grabbing food networking and building more clients, I might even smoke 1 to keep my mind going. By now it’s getting dark I’m usually editing, listening to music and preparing my next Day.

Describe your current style.

Firstly I pay attention to the Model or subject I’m photographing. Then based on that I Get into the appearance of what I’m shooting. Then comes the mood that either I wanna display or of the client is looking to display a specific mood. In my style, I can almost make any setting or surrounding look good. Overall for my Style of Shooting everything matters in ways most people won’t notice until I break it down.

Also knowing that most people don’t exactly know what they want I have a nice trick/tip that I can offer which is to always exceed their expectations x 200. I find this to always work and make the customer happy.

Which is how my style was created, I would call almost an effortless technique, I Shoot my images as if the camera is my eyes or in lamer terms the viewer's eyes. So with that being said, I’d describe my style as a personal POV from a second person perspective.


Who or what are you currently inspired by, what drives you?

I’m inspired by everything I encounter during life. I could be taking a walk or driving somewhere and see something outside and get an idea for a shoot or a perspective to give my consumers an exact view of what I’m looking to display.

As far as what drives me, I’ve learned to Drive myself these days and not depend on something specific. But I’m not gonna say people and magazines don’t drive me to do better but those are just extra topping that adds to my drive.

What is your most treasured shot so far?

This is the hardest question for me to answer, only because I’ve shot probably over a million images since I’ve started Shooting. Every image I shoot and edit is most treasured to me.


Do you have a dream collaboration? 

Dream Collaborations..... hmm this is another hard question for me to answer only because it’s so many but honestly, I wanna work with car companies, brands like off-white, and also a couple artist like wiz Khalifa, YG, And the list goes on.

What's your favourite city to shoot in and why?

As of right now, it’s gonna have to be my hometown New York City. Only because it doesn’t sleep and you can literally pick up your camera at ANY TIME and go shoot some amazing content.

What do you hope to achieve over the next year?

I’m looking to become a full-time YouTube creative, published photographer & cinematographer. I’m working on a women’s brand “ Maono Girl “ I’m also planning to drop either a magazine or book Series as well. My biggest goal is to turn my Craft to Millions.


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Instagram: @kibwemaono
Words & Styling: @Ricardo__j_

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