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Meet Dancer and Model @ramariochevoy


Tell us about @ramariochevoy, how did your modelling career start? 

I’m 27 & from Nottingham I started modelling by just being asked by various friends who owned their own small independent clothing labels to just help them with stuff for their Asos marketplace etc.

From there, it kinda just took off, I mean I’m not your typical model I always used to (still do) get stopped by random people asking to take my photo for various reasons mainly because they liked my style & wanted to use it for there projects etc



What would you say was your first big break?

Hmmm first big break, I wouldn’t really call it a break but the first big thing I can remember happening was London fashion week September 2014 being featured by British Vogue & E! (same channel Joan Rivers used to present fashion police on) featuring me & my friend at the time for best dressed. 

I still remember that day like it was yesterday, I remember us both pulling up to Somerset house and instantly having like 200 cameras in our faces even still to this day I can’t get over it & people still stop me talking about that look I wore on that day.


Do you have a dream job or collaboration? 

Dream modelling job?....Hmmm that’s a hard one I would say it’s a toss up between KTZ (Kokon to Zai) because they’ve been so supportive of me over the past 5/6 years within everything I do, they are pretty much like family to me so I would love to walk for them one season. Also, Versace because when I first started being interested in fashion the old school prints Gianni used to use really inspired & intrigued me and after doing more research into the brand and it's  history I fell even more in love with it. Lastly Fenty by Rihanna, because number one I love Rihanna. But also, with Rihanna being an island girl it’s inspiring how much of an influence she has on the world & showing people that you can come from a small island and still accomplish big things, not to mention every collections she’s released so far has been fire!



Would you say travelling far to shoots is a hinderance for you?

Travelling doesn’t bother me, I’m constantly on the go within my everyday life that I’m just used to it now.


What do you get up to when you're not modelling?

If I’m not busy modelling which isn’t the main thing I do btw I’ll probably be busy teaching dance (which is what I actually studied) or styling shoots.



Tell us a little about your style, where did it originate from? 

When it comes to my personal style I don’t really have one set style. I like to experiment. I think it’s important to do so & try new things. I would say recently, well over the past few months, I’ve tried to incorporate a lot more of my Caribbean heritage into my own personal style taking inspiration from the windrush back in 1948 when people from Jamaica & Trinidad & Tobago came over to England for the first time. They were smartly dressed in shirts, high waisted pants, braces, blazers etc. Like I say over the past few months I’ve incorporated that into my own personal style but putting my own twist/spin on it. But, as I previously said I don’t have one set style I like to experiment; one day I could look a bit masculine, the next day, feminine & then the next day very punk/rock it all depends on my mood.



Do you have a favourite place to shoot? 

I don’t have a favourite place to shoot no, when it comes to modelling recently I’ve found myself loving studio shoots more as I love to see the thought process on set designs that’s a huge aspect of shoots which I never used to take into consideration much, but doing more styling/creative direction work it’s something I tend to think about a lot more these days.


Do you have any advice for models starting out in the industry? 

My advice to models is to never give up on your dreams, if modelling is what you really want to do then go for it. Just know it’s a very competitive industry so be ready for it & fully commit don’t do anything half heartedly. Also be ready to work hard never give up even when you’re not feeling your best just know the show must go on.


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Instagram: @ramariochevoy
Words & Styling: @Ricardo__j_





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