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Meet dancer and model @claudia._emanuel


"Hi my name is Claudia, I’m 19 and I live in Hertfordshire.  I work as a receptionist at a doctors and as an estate agent, whilst training to be a professional dancer. I’m a strong believer that work ethic will get you a long way... if you want it? Work for it, and it will happen."


What does dancing mean to you and how did it become an important part of your life?

Dancing is everything to me.  As a child it was my dream to be a prima ballerina and danced every second I could. Getting older I changed as a person and switched to hip hop with no plans to pursue it.  Time progressed and I was trying to revise for A levels but all I could think about and wanted to do was dance so I left after the first year to pursue a career in dance. It’s my favourite part of every day and if I couldn’t dance I honestly don’t know what I’d do!


Where do you get you inspiration from, do you have a favourite part on London you like to hang out?

I mostly get my inspiration from watching videos on YouTube and Instagram as well as the music I listen to and the people around me.  Taking different classes can also really inspire me as all teachers have something different to give and even watching how each person does a routine differently can open your mind to new ways of moving. There are so many parts of London to find inspiration in as well.  Southbank is a really great place especially as they have the southbank centre where you can train with new people and for free too! 

Can you tell us a bit about your style and how it came about?

I think my style really represents who I am as a person mostly gang with a hint of girl haha, but it’s quite hard to describe. I like to find things that are really different and that I know would make me stand out from the people around me.  Definitely now I dance all the time I live for comfort within my style, I’m all for funky hoodies and trousers/ tracksuit bottoms (you’ll almost never find me in jeans!) I’ve also been loving the colour yellow recently and probably have a bit of it in most of my outfits. 



Do you plan on working with local clients, international clients or both?

I would love to travel and love meeting people from all different cultures so would love to work with people both locally in internationally so that I can incorporate this into my work.

What is an average day for you?

It’s hard to say a typical day for me as I’m always so busy and every day brings something new.  But if I had to say a typical week day for me... I always start by waking up at 7 and eating breakfast, if I don’t eat in the morning I might not survive the rest of he day haha!  I then get to work at the doctors for an 8am start and am there until 4pm.  I then rush home grab a snack, get my bag together and head into London and have become pro at doing my makeup on the train haha. I then take a few classes and hang out with my friends at the studio before getting the train back.  By the time I get home it’s usually some time between 11:30 pm and 1:30am so I eat, wind down and go to sleep ready to start all over again! 

Do you have any other interests your passionate about?

I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie and love anything adventurous!  I’ve recently started learning aerial silks and training in Muay Thai.  I also have a passion for fashion and music (although I can’t sing myself) I love finding unknown artist and going with friends when they are recording music.

Who are you currently inspired by?

One of my biggest inspirations is Kenzo Alvarez.  I went to one of his classes when he came to the UK and his energy was increadible! Honestly the energy was so present it’s impossible to put into the words. It felt like you could live and feed off it. Keron Proverbs is another person that truly inspired me; the way he moves is so incredible and he’s so humble, truly an amazing soul to learn from.


Can you tell us about some of the projects you've worked on.

One of the coolest projects I worked on was filming for the new (at the time) grade 3 RAD ballet syllabus.  Every 20 years they change the syllabus and I was lucky enough to be chosen to film for the instructional DVD that came out in 2012. Once we were chosen, we would go up weekly to the RAD headquarters and practice with one of the teachers there.  We then went to Birmingham for 2 days to film and the DVD which will continue to be sold internationally until they make the new grades in 2032.  I also often work on concept videos with crews or friends which is so much fun and have done flash mobs to raise money for charity etc.


Can you tell us about a highlight in your career.

The highlight of my dance career so far was definitely when I got to perform at Wembley arena for We Day.  Nothing can describe the feeling of being on stage with such a huge audience! The energy on stage and in the area is absolutely  insane,  especially as it’s so big, no one can hear you so everyone was singing and dancing hyping each other up before we went on stage.  With so many big artists performing at the event too it was a truly amazing experience especially getting to see some of them and their dancers doing their tech run.


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Instagram: @claudia._emanuel
Words & Styling: @Ricardo__j_

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