I love to experience new things and meet new people...

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My name is madeleine bitici, I am a 28 year old style blogger and some way of a trendsetter. Talent in life is creating inspiring outfits to wake something in people. 


I'm a fan of doing  whatever the fuck (can I swear ?). As an independent Woman feel like going against the norm and just being me. Hopefully doing some good with my social media influence and being a positive healthy role model for all my baby girls out there ! 


Love to travel. Been to every continent except south America ( I'm coming for ya ) love to experience new things and meet new people, everyone you meet is a new adventure . I'm positive always cause why would I not be?! 


My dream is constantly changing, short term starting my own brand, long term building n empire maybe? Just trying to find my key to success and being happy ! 



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