Tell us a little about Marques.

Well, I am an individual, creative Rockstar. I pride myself on personal achievements and self-belief. Without having the positive drive behind what I do, I wouldn’t be able to progress and then take the steps that need to be taken. Being a creative comes with the responsibility of owning whatever I put my time into. Personal branding is key towards how successful one desires to be, as impressions can be definitive. I take pride in deciding who I choose to work with.

You’ve recently done a shoot with RICCO London, what inspired some of your poses?

I believe my posture in each shot and how I carried myself throughout the shoot determined how strong the pictures came out. How I pose dictates how I feel, so I always choose to be relaxed and focused most of the time. I also believe in building a chill atmosphere on the set with the photographer is the key to good results. I pose moody and aggressive, as that’s what the aesthetic of my look represents. Just be authentic.




What influences your style, and what’s next for you?

My style is a physical representation of my mood. I like to dress how I feel and it speaks volumes of who I am and what my interests might be to someone who’s noticing me for the first time. I appreciate shapes and delicate colour palettes that compliment whatever feel I’m going for on that day. I am inspired by the influence that the 90’s era had on fashion. Even today’s modern designers have hints of 90’s inspiration across collections of the last decade. I like to inspire people when they see my outfits as fashion is at the core of what I do. It’s been a good two years in the industry, and this is only just the beginning. 

What’s life like being an emerging model?

I guess I’m just passionate about what I do. I recently did a campaign that was published in Vogue ITALIA online. I’m sure the dream of any creative would be to have their work in Vogue. On a personal level, I love meeting new people who inspire me - whether it’s a photographer, stylist, or model. I just love the power of networking. Building can’t ever get boring.



What would you like to see from emerging brands? Do you feel street culture plays an important role in your life? 

I think emerging brands have a huge role to play in how the youth stay inspired. Street style will always be street style. But I also believe in developing your personal style first without being dipped into the saturated ocean of street wear brands that lack creativity and credibility. 

Can you share some insight on the projects you’re currently working on, or will be?

Sure. It’s been a busy few months as per! I work on fresh collaborations with new brands every week. I recently did a campaign for Dear Boy Magazine, which I’m crazy excited about – followed by a cheeky advert for the dating app and brand Huggle. For me, keeping busy is a way of life. Last but not least, I’ll be appearing on TV for a show on E4 called “My hotter half”, which is a show my brother and I got casted for to determine who dresses better. It’s out pretty soon, so look out for that! 



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By Ricco London - @ricco_london 
Contact - info@riccolondon.com 

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