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"I particularly love styling a look from head to toe"


My interests include fashion and everything in between, as well as being able to create new looks that portray my personality. I particularly love styling a look from head to toe, whether it’s the way I style my hair or choosing what shoe to wear.  This way I find it easy to keep reinventing myself in order to keep my followers intrigued.  This is achieved through one of my favorite pastimes, which is keeping an eye out for the latest shoe release as well as constantly gaining inspiration from other bloggers.

Music is another influential aspect that has a major impact in my life.  Some outfit that I wear solely depends on the artist I was listening to prior. For an example when I listen to Travis Scott he has the power to influence a badass attitude through my clothing’s and photos. But most of all I’m just an ordinary girl that loves to lay in bed with her cat and binge watch TV shows.



An aspiration of mine would be to create a movement through the social media world. As people continue to gravitate towards my social platforms I aim to become a role model and influencer for the youth who have trouble expressing themselves. As social media is an extremely powerful marketing tool I hope to gain success and exposure in the entertainment industry where I can express my personality and style. I also anticipate leaving a legacy behind in whatever it is I choose to do.  I want everyone to know who milanastano is.


Milana Stanojevic
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