"I’m inspired by my surroundings" – RICCO London

"I’m inspired by my surroundings"


Hey, my name is Myno Macheda, 

I’m an Allsaints Stylist, fashion designer and founder of @silpaclo based in Manchester UK.


My styling is minimal with an edge. I try to incorporate many style inspirations 

from different fashion categories whether it’ll be clean, retro, formal either way I'll find a way to tie them all in as one.



I’m inspired by my surroundings; this is a strategic aspect I try to use to bring volume to my outfits, without things like the architecture of Manchester which Is what I mainly use to bring this volume there wouldn’t be an outfit for me to showcase because I believe they both work hand in hand and are almost inseparable.


I don’t have many styling inspirations but if I were to dig deep I'll say Pharrell Williams has defiantly influenced me down the line, he is  almost like a muse in a way, he understands what’s going on in our generation, he has done his bit.


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