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RICCO London take's cues from the brand's narrative for their 2018 collection, as they unveil their latest set of visuals. 

Drawing inspiration from the suburbs, the silhouettes boast durability and functionality with careful consideration towards fit and style. We see familiar styles from the brands back catalogue, updated and reinforced for the rigours of day-to-day in the city streets, as well as introducing new shapes and materials such as faux leather and denim for a modern approach towards design. Stand out pieces for us include "RICCO - Leather and suede panel lace-up leggings" which are available in various colour options.


You recently showcased RICCO London at "THE MATRIX" canalside Birmingham. What was your experience like?

It was great to showcase the brand to an audience, it was the first time on a runway for us so as you can imagine we were pretty nervous. We had a lot of good feedback, everyone loved the energy from the brand and we got to meet a lot of inspirational people. It was a great experience.


What would your dream RICCO London fashion show look like?

Very, very energetic. Industrial architectural, moody... I'm heavily influenced by Yohji Yamamoto. I love the way his work shows a collision between architecture and fashion. Whenever you pick up a y3 design you always see that industrial embodiment in his work.



You recently released three images from your collection "SUBURBIA", tell us about this?

The "SUBURBIA" collection is a clash of emotions and cultures. I wanted to play on the brand's (dystopian) narrative and bring into the designs some of the roughness and edginess of the environments I envisioned. Communicating the emotions people may be feeling in such an environment was also important to me. I have included phrases on some of the designs with the aim to raise awareness to issues such as racial profiling and social classification. This is something I feel affects people all around the world. I have been fortunate enough to be able to address it through RICCO London. Fashion is a powerful form of communication, I think people underestimate this.


You reject the ideal of polished and traditional beauty, both in your designs and your choice of models. What is beauty to RICCO London?

We believe that there is no beauty without honesty. What is beauty if you can not connect to it?



What kind of person do you have in mind when you design your collections?

I visualise someone who is brave, strong and bold. Someone that's not afraid to take risks. Society has been moulded in such a way its almost as if you're on a treadmill and the norm is working a 9 till 5. I want to break that chain, I want to see more people taking risks trying to achieve what they believe in.


Have you ever thought of collaborating with another brand?

Not really. We feel like our universe is still to be made. We need to create our own world first.



You can pick up the latest from RICCO London at selected online retailers now including ASOS Marketplace.


Instagram: @Ricco_london
Words & Styling: @Ricardo___J_
Models: @Ma.rques & @TiffanysmithUK

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