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Tell us a little about @Barkati...

Call me KAT, I’m 27 years old from Bandung, Indonesia. I grew up in a Muslim family, but I have really open-minded parents, they let me do pretty much anything I want. I like being called "not your typical hijabi" because I listen to hip-hop music and dressed like a street style girl from Hypebae haha with a turban of course. I studied photography and graduated in 2014 and that's how I started photography. My city "Bandung"  is very creative but not as big as Jakarta (the capital of Indonesia).

What was your first breakthrough?

I work as an intern at a small photography studio where I've learned a lot about digital imaging and various other creative processes. My passion has always been in fashion! My first client came from my stylist friends who linked me up...



Looking at your work you have quite a unique sense of style, can you tell us about this?

I love fashion, creating lighting experiments, movies and music, especially Hip Hop (I kinda worship Drake). Most of the time, my photographs are inspired randomly by the music I listen to or the movies I watch. I’m also interested in exposing the uniqueness of people and capturing it boldly and simply.  Always learn and believe in yourself that’s my mantra.

You have worked with some influential figures, can you tell us what has been the biggest highlight of your career so far?

In March 2018,  I shot the cover art for Indonesian musician Adrian Khalif's single and it is finally out that has been the biggest highlight of my career so far.



Can you talk us through some of the things you look for when shooting for a brand?

I start by doing some research into ideas, styling, lighting, tone and props if needed. Once satisfied with the ideas I have created, I move onto arranging some pictures on mood board and offering the concepts to the client. If the client is happy to go ahead I will then break down the concept with my team eg: my stylist, makeup artist, videographer and model. 

Do you have a favourite camera or lens to work with and why?

I’m a Canon user and have been for nearly 5 years now because the image production is really soft, but recently I am interested in the mirrorless full camera by Sony A7R. I will have to do some more work and dig some money to buy it (crossed fingers).



On your Instagram you have some interesting video stills, is videography another area of interest? What has been your favourite still you've worked on?

Yes, I have always been interested in directing videography (only in directing), My recent work is for a brand called third-day and it is still my favourite because I put a lot of work into it and I am really happy with the results.



Latest work for @thirddayco Models @naranararu @2icons and @bocoumahmad @sauvagemodel Stylist @styledbykumiw Make up @citrabes Video by @arifadhiansyah

82 Likes, 10 Comments - KAT. (@barkati) on Instagram: "Latest work for @thirddayco Models @naranararu @2icons and @bocoumahmad @sauvagemodel Stylist..."


Whats next for @Barkati? 

I have always wanted to create some editorials for brands, maybe direct some fashion films or music video's, that’s where I hope to be!


Recent work for screamous muse @arioprakoso and @heyitschrissie video by @_madeinpain

80 Likes, 2 Comments - KAT. (@barkati) on Instagram: "Recent work for screamous muse @arioprakoso and @heyitschrissie video by @_madeinpain"


What's your message to young, up and coming creatives?

Work hard, do what you love and be passionate about it!


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Instagram: @Barkati
Words & Styling: @Ricardo__j_